Mission Areas
Engaging Missions from Research to Operations

Using a ‘One Health’ approach, we work to understand and detect zoonotic health threats in animals, humans and the environment on a global scale, bringing basic science research into on-site applications. By connecting partners in basic and applied research to industry, defense and healthcare, we work end-to-end to solve global health problems.

Our mission areas include:

  • Community Engagements Driving Health Security
  • Understanding Pathogen Dynamics and Creating Sustainable Interventions
  • Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
  • Innovating Biomedical Engineering for Health Security
We support clients from basic research to applied science.
Gantt chart of ABRL capabilites
Community Engagement Driving Health Security
Epidemics and pandemics obviously pose a health threat, but they also threaten communities through income loss, overtaxed health facilities, public service interruptions and more. ABRL takes a systems approach to study the broad impact that biohazards can have on individuals and communities beyond the immediate health threats. By better understanding the systemic effect of biological hazards on communities, we can prepare communities to face threats and better assist communities that are currently struggling. Additionally, intellectual innovations in efficiency, logistics and organizational dynamics can support community healthcare systems and organizations worldwide.
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Understanding Pathogen Dynamics and Creating Sustainable Interventions
Through broad sequencing of samples, we identify previously undiscovered pathogens that affect animals, humans and natural environments. This lets us better understand worldwide ecosystems and anticipate future problems and threats. At the same time, we examine pathogen dynamics to understand how complex natural and political ecosystems interact to encourage or halt the spread of pathogens, leading to the development of effective interventions.
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Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
When microorganisms become resistant to standard treatments, they threaten infected individuals as well as entire populations. Effective AMR diagnostics must detect resistance quickly, and organizations must be prepared to implement control measures immediately. We support AMR diagnosis and control, as well as research into new therapies for treatment.
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Innovating Biomedical Engineering for Health Security
Innovative approaches in engineering and technology can be used to prevent disease and respond to environmental threats. Technologies like 3D printing and rational biological engineering can be used to develop prevention strategies and advanced diagnostic sensors. The ABRL brings cutting-edge research in synthetic biology and metabolic engineering into global health applications.
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With partner organizations across industries and around the world, ABRL can work on projects worldwide.