Global Partners
Working with the Best

Our partnerships span global health, defense and research institutions. We’re uniquely positioned to work with governmental and non-governmental organizations as needed to solve global problems.

Europe / Asia

Vision & Strategy
Leading and formative role in supporting the development of the region’s evolving One Health Programs, focusing initially on bovine and human MDR TB, with subsequent expansion into areas such Acute Febrile Illnesses and Maternal and Child Health.

image of Europe and Asia
Regional Engagements

Vision & Strategy
We are the go-to academic partner and integrator for transboundary disease surveillance and intervention programs in Africa, leveraging state-of-the-art interdisciplinary strategies to create sustainable impacts.

image of Africa
Regional Engagements
The Americas

Vision & Strategy
Support Central and South America with the development of a multi-phased One-Health-based, pan regional, infectious disease surveillance and response network to reduce the spread of disease and lower the overall burden of disease on vulnerable populations.

Core pillars include:

  • Electronic disease surveillance reporting system for emerging infectious diseases that could detect man-made or natural events emerging from the SOUTHCOM AOR
  • Leveraging geo-spatial and geo-temporal data to predict outbreaks and effectively manage interventions
  • Driving diagnostic innovations and development of medical countermeasures
  • Developing regional scientific and research health security partnerships to innovate health community interventions, preparedness and response
Regional Engagements
Partnering with Penn State

Penn State is a premier research institution, with over 100,000 students, 14,000 graduate students and 6,000 faculty members. Working with departments, institutes and centers across the University, ABRL can access not only cutting-edge labs and equipment, but also the minds that make it work.