The best of both worlds.

The ABRL is a university-wide center and a new business unit formed under a joint venture between the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences (Huck) and the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) a Department of Defense (DoD) designated University Affiliated Research Center (UARC). With deep connections to each of these groups, as well as the University’s other facilities and centers, we’re capable of supporting a broad range of life science research, global health initiatives, and the defense industry.

With partner organizations across industries and around the world, ABRL can work on projects worldwide.
Interdisciplinary Solutions
Penn State thrives on interdisciplinary collaboration. Visualizing the number of research grant co-submissions demonstrates the power of cross-disciplinary work at PSU.

color splatter cart for Interdisciplinary Solutions Illustrated by Co-Submission of Grants Across Penn State
Along with the Institutes and Centers, ABRL has access to and leverages all university and Hershey Medical Center core facilities, and programmatic expertise.
Highlighted Microbiological Facilities:
Biological Security Analytics Expertise:
Studying complex systems.
With such a breadth of research and computational facilities at our disposal, we can study complex systems and interactions on a micro and macro scale. The understanding of how specific variables - such as pathogens - affect entire biological, ecological or logistical systems allows us to use our advanced analytics to perform deep exploration into very large, complex data sets. We work closely with decision-makers, stakeholders and local leaders to deliver tools that transform information into strategic options for global health response and outbreak prevention.